Seven Grams Cafe – New York

A flat white.
Seven Grams Cafe, 7th Ave btw 25th & 26th, Chelsea (can’t find website or Twitter info!)


Prufrock – London

Prufrock Coffee, 23-25 Leather Lane, London, EC1N 7TE @PrufrockCoffee


Asked around our London office where the nearest decent flat white was, they told me Prufrock and off a few of us went one day at 11. Very trendy cafe and a good flat white with balls.

Visited May 2014

Soho Grind – London

Soho Grind. 19 Beak St W1F 9RP @sohogrind

Part of London’s ‘Grind’ scene, Shoreditch the first I think, I made it through the wiggly streets to the new Soho outpost on a Saturday morning. It’s hidden but well placed near Oxford and Regent Street so if you’re doing the tourist/shopping thing it’s close by.

Great flat white.

Soho Grind

Soho Grind


Visited May 2014

What’s your fav train?

Now that we live here I love seeing these random compilations of a New Yorker’s experience of life as we start to identify with some of these. Laughed out loud at this ranking of subway trains! We’ve been on lots of them and currently commute for work via the 1 train and use the C a bit to start journeys uptown.

Check it out: The Definitive Ranking of New York City Subway Trains.

Subway car to ourselves!1 train last week when we experienced a very rare empty car & it’s orange!

Staycation – Christmas 2013

Had a blissful time during Christmas and New Year this year – we took two days off work and combined with the statutory leave days and weekends we didn’t need to go into the office for 8 days … well we had one work day at the office to pack up to move Xero NYC (a.k.a. Fringe Division) from Astor Place to the bottom of Broadway in the Financial District.

We stocked up on groceries before Christmas so it was great to mostly stay at home and spend no money – although we did go outside most days to get coffee (of course), went to the museum of natural history one day and saw 3 movies: Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle and Secret Life of Walter Mitty (all good). We had an NYC family Christmas Eve dinner (Moroccan chicken), movies and a rolled pork roast on Christmas Day.

The city was pretty quiet (except for Chelsea Market and the museum which attracted lots of holiday-makers). We also caught up on some TV shows we’d missed, binge-watched The Americans, Orange is the New Black and The Fall (all great!) I also knitted most of 2 Xero baby sweaters.

Staycation was great!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day quiet

Christmas Day afternoon tea & gifts

Skyping with family on Christmas Day

Christmas Dinner

Moving to a new office

Orange Girl’s Christmas Greeting 2013

First New York snow!

Yesterday we had our first day of snow in the city and we braved it! It was pretty exciting to wake up to a light dusting on the neighboring roofs and it stayed snowing most of the day. We managed to get some last minute Christmas gifts, get coffee and go to the grocery store and didn’t arrive home too bedraggled!

Woke up to snow!

First day out in the NYC snow

First day out in the NYC snow

First day out in the NYC snow

First day out in the NYC snow

Snow globe on a snow day #nyc

The snowy streets are bare except for the poor guys on bikes delivering take-out #nyc

Holiday party

We were out at the Xero San Francisco office last week and it coincided with their Christmas holiday party. It was a 20′s theme and I love these pics photo from the photo booth.

Xero US Holiday Party 2013

Xero US Holiday Party 2013

Xero US Holiday Party 2013

Christmas tree time

Christmas trees in New York arrive on street corners, wrapped up in netting and held up by wooden brackets. Brave souls (or guys out to make a buck) brave the cold weather in tents with wreaths and decorations waiting for us all to come out of our apartments to buy a tree, hoping we’ll want one of the big ones for $350.

Getting the Christmas tree

We walked a couple blocks to a neighborhood lot last weekend and met all the trees. We chose our usual small one and carried it home and decorated it with orange baubles and fairy lights.

Getting the Christmas tree

Getting the Christmas tree

Getting the Christmas tree

Happy Christmas!

Tree trimmed in #orange #xmas

Snowflake lights

These snowflake light adornments on the lamp posts in our neighborhood are very cool. They look amazing in the wintry dusk light.

Snowflake lights on lamp posts. Spring Street #nyc