Interview questions

I had a job interview today, and while I haven’t had that many interviews (despite my mountain of jobs) I always have questions. I write them down in a notebook and refer to them at the end when they panel ask “do you have any questions?” Usually they are a) impressed that I thought ahead to ask questions, b) wrote them down and c) am not flustered when I say “let me consult my list” and I studiously read through them and comment on whether or not we covered them during the discussion. And these are not the type of questions that they show you on those graduation video tapes full of advice that you should research the company you are going to interview with, appear knowledgeable about their business etc, these are fairly mundane questions like “what type of technical support do you offer the business staff and how is it managed?”, “what is your management style and what type of working relationship do you have with your staff?” P.S. got the job – must’ve displayed organisation, focus, business accumen and confidence – hope my questions were of influence!


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