eBay – it had to be done

Well I’m proud/ashamed to say, I had my first visit to eBay today. How I’ve kept away for this long who knows – perhaps it has something to do with my you-can’t-be-a-real-girl aversion to shopping.

Anyway, as with having the entire Internet at your fingers, what’s a novice to do when faced with such an enormous selection – search for stuff that’s orange of course. Typical – 8005 categories and 35043 gallery items – I have yet to figure out what this schema means however.

As with all eBay newbies I am indeed staggered by what is sold on the site: to name a few … thousands of single precious orange gems, a piece of live orange coral, an orange office chair, orange dog shoes (!?), orange traffic cones, orange keyboard and retractable mini-mouse … And some very cool things for a Paul Frank freak like an all orange Julius watch.


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