Balanced Scorecard system

My God, I’ve been professionally challenged … my boss has just given me a TEXTBOOK to read. One of two she’s ordered – published by the Harvard Business School Press none-the-less on a strategic tracking system she wants me to adopt in my work. The Balanced Scorecard system (… read all about it I’ve been dabbling in it a bit under her guidance with some reports I’ve done for a Steering Committee I support – using a graphical representation known as ‘dashboard’ to track using red, orange and green which tasks are on schedule and which are behind. I’m kind of excited and kind of scared – this text book is REALLY grown up, with diagrams and graphs and tables and massive overuse of words like strategy, platform, measurement, performance, map, alignment, derive, portfolio.

I hope the expectation is that I will read it on work time and not over Christmas! And fingers crossed for being sent on a course somewhere fantastic!!


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