More technology distracting drivers

While out in the car last night I flicked through radio stations. When the autoseek found a nice clear one I noticed a new read out in my dash panel. In the bit between the rev counter and speedo where there’s a little panel of date/time/estimated fuel left/radio station frequency I noticed flashing words “ALL” “I WANT” “BY” “[can’t remember]” “HOT HOT HOT” “SUMMER HITS” “ZM ZM ZM” – what the ?? I flicked away from that station immediately. Because a) I didn’t want to be distracted by it and b) I didn’t want to condone this nasty behaviour in a car. When I stopped later, I went back to the station and it constantly prints stuff out “POLLY” “N” “GRANT” “BACK MONDAY” “HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND”. Kind of a cool gimmic and in some ways, not necessarily the radio station’s fault. Obvioulsy Audi can cope with this kind of radio text or whatever it is and while I would *never* slag off Audi I don’t think it’s a particularly safe thing to have in a car. Maybe you get used to it – perhaps I was just suffering from first-timer’s wide eyes.


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