MS Outlook meeting organiser

I’m a bit frustrated with Outlook. Yesterday I had to organise 2 meetings between other people. Yes Outlook labels me as the ‘Organizer’ if you dig around and look in the schedule of invitees. My main gripes/requests for greater functionality are:

  1. Without being proxy and organising the meeting on behalf of someone else (which would require normal proxy access to their calendar) I would like to be able to indicate more obviously that I am a non-attending organiser, rather than it looking like I organised the meeting. This overcomes the problem of people seeing that I organised the meeting and choosing to not accept or turn up based on who I am … in both cases I was organising on behalf of the CE but he just looks like an attendee.

  2. I need to manually go into the appointment in my calendar and mark it as ‘free’ otherwise others looking for a slot in my diary will presume I am busy. I supposed I do need some indicator or record that I have organised a meeting but how do PA’s get on when they organise several meetings but don’t attend any of them? Their calendars must get overloaded and hard to look at with meetings all overlapping each other.


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