The boys went to Amityville Horror, the girls to Madagascar. Well, us girls and hundreds of chattering kids and harassed looking parents – which we obviously expected on a Saturday afternoon. It was a pretty funny movie and the main characters were fantastically matched to the voices of the actors. Especially David Schwimmer as the hypochondriace giraffe Melman. There were quite a few hilarious bits for the adults and we also could not help laughing when night fell in one scene and all the kids starting calling out “it’s finished” to their parents. The bigger laugh (which we felt terrible about) was when a small boy in the row in front of us slipped right off his father’s knee and crashed to the ground and barrier in front of the seats. There was all sorts of knocking and banging of his head and other body parts, followed by those few semi-silent gasps to intake as much breath as possible prior to the “WWWAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH”. It wasn’t funny, it really wasn’t … I think the poor little fella was asleep – what a wake up 🙁


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