A picture tells a thousand words

I went with our IT guy this morning to talk to some Axon network sales geek type of guys and before I went I thought I’d just have a quick scout around their website – get some feel for their range of services, where their offices were etc. As I generally always do before searching, I just guessed at the web address – in this case I thought it would be obvious – www.axon.co.nz. Hmmm, legitimate address but not an IT company – they build or manage aircraft … at first glance …

… was probably my own fault for judging a website by it’s initial ‘grab’ (duh – isn’t that the general idea?) because upon actually searching for Axon – I found that indeed their website was www.axon.co.nz and I was in the right place – certainly didn’t look like it to me! Obviously I have a preconceived notion of what an IT company’s website looks like.


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