Bad tradesman experience story

Everyone has a story about a bad experience with a tradesman. Well, ours is pretty bad. And we’re pretty pissed off.

  • Thursday: Big TV dies

  • Friday: ring a few service companies, none of which can come that day

  • Later Friday: service company literally 3 minutes walk away realises that we’re only 3 minutes walk away and comes over. Pronounces the TV completely dead after a series of tests. Could possibly do further investigation in their workshop but estimates it will be about $6,000 to fix because the bulbs are blown. Charges us a call out fee.

  • Saturday: mourning and research and murderous schemes for sending the Big TV on it’s way.

  • Sunday: purchased a projector, screen and cables, and got it up and running.

  • Monday: the Big TV sits black and silent, cast aside in the corner of the room (well as much as it can fit in the corner of the room).

  • Tuesday: ‘ring ring’ it’s one of the service companies from Friday, who said they couldn’t come over, who are now available for a house call. Despite being told that the TV had already been pronounced dead by another service company the guy insists on coming over – he can’t believe that a 6.5 year old TV like ours has died.

  • Later Tuesday: service guy says there is nothing wrong with the bulbs. They should last 10 years. It’s a great specimen of a TV. It’s likely to be some fried solenoid somewhere on a circuit board. He’s a personal friend of the Toshiba guy in Auckland so will get a technical manual and some little circuit thingies. Reckons it’ll be under $1,000 to fix it.

  • Much later Tuesday: guilt is killing us. We feel like we buried a loved one then discovered they hadn’t died. We begin to harbour bad feelings towards the projector. We definitely feel rage against the first service guy. However, no guarantee the TV is recoverable yet.

  • Thursday: 2nd service guy comes back. With a truly hardcore circuit board diagram. Utter gobbledegook. Sets himself up on the floor with a brief case of tools and his diagram and for 3 hours painstakingly goes from node to node, following every wire with his little amp meter thingy. After 3 hours and 5 minutes from the back of the TV there comes an “oh. give us a minute“ … tick tock … “snip with the pliers zzzzzzzttt with the soldering iron“ and knock me down with a feather – the TV IS WORKING!!! No parts required. No offsite workshop visit. We’ll be charged for labour. It’ll be about $400.

  • Later Thursday: projector goes back to the shop. We had a 7-day trial.

  • Much later Thursday: we channel surf, big smiles on our faces to have the bad boy back and in tip-top condition! The service guy calibrated it and the picture quality is actually better than before.

HOW I ask you, just HOW are you supposed to know that you can trust the opinion of a so-called professional when you’re totally in the dark yourself and HAVE to rely on their diagnosis? By God if we do not get a full refund on the projector we’ll be going after the first service company. It just makes us sick. They better refund us their damn call-out fee.

Tell your friends, ALL your friends: never ever use Next Electronic Servicing with branches in Victoria Street and Petone and always use the fantastic knowledgeable people at Unitec Electronics on Thorndon Quay.


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