30 days and counting

30 days until we leave for New York! We’ve found out all sorts of interesting bits and pieces in our pre-trip research. e.g.

  • helicopter tours are not that expensive

  • lots of cool shops in Soho

  • theres an algorithm to work out where a cross street intersects with an Avenue

  • the average temperature is about 12C in November but has been as cold as -6C and as high as 28C

  • it’s about 4.2kms from Washington Square Park to Central Park

  • Tiffany’s is right under the Trump Tower

  • you can pre-buy Empire State Building observation deck tickets online

  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons are set up the night before in Central Park

  • sunset will be around 4.35pm when we arrive and 4.29pm when we leave, 10 days later


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