You always get about a million hits

I do sympathise with search-engine/web novices who complain that they don’t like search engines because they always get a million hits when they search for something, so they just give up. I try to explain that if you choose your search terms carefully and use more than just one word, chances of more relevant results will be higher.

However, today I share their frustration! I’m a reasonably good and patient searcher but I have just spend the last hour trying to find a list of pre-1965 buildings in the Wellington CBD. Following recent press about earthquake strengthening required under the Building Act 2004 I thought I would try to determine when our building was constructed. Hrrummfff – not as easy as it sounds! My conclusion is that this information doesn’t exist …

In my search, I found a couple of random and interesting things about people that live in our building (similar to my discovery about the parliament guy):

  • one was sworn in as a Justice of the Peace in February last year

  • one is some kind of medical research sponsor for a calcium inhibitor drug used for lowering blood pressure.

I also found out that our building is wired for CityLink – but I already knew that.


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