GRRRRRR – bad user guide!

Have to get this off my chest. I am writing a spec for an addition to a current database used by external clients. In doing so I am referring to documentation created with the original development. I am mostly looking at the user guide – a user guide for an audience of generally older gentlemen who are not that computer-savvy. It’s a web system. It boils my blood that in the user guide I find instructions like “double click on a row in the search results” – ahhhh, this is a WEB system. If you actually go to the search results page it is a single click – apart from the fact that web=single click this instruction doesn’t even match the action!!!

My anger is fuelled even more by the knowledge that some high-paid consultant wrote the user guide. You didn’t think it was me did you? But you know who’ll be writing the next one don’t you!!


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