Stand up and be counted

I am not one of the people who objects to being counted and I have to say “snaps to NZ Stats for a great online service!” We filled out our census forms online and I have to say it has to be probably the best online form experience I’ve ever had. Impressive use of Javascript to move you between fields depending on previous answers and no load delays which meant that completing the form took way less time than filling it out by hand.

[Related rant: had to fill out an employment application form the other day, in hard copy, and it has to be one of the worst forms I’ve ever encountered. I just hate those minusclule boxes often provided for giving answers to such questions as “Who is your current employer?” – all I could write in a box of 2cm in length was the acronym for a 6-word Government agency so I hope they care enough about the answer to look it up otherwise what was the point in asking?! Wait, another one, “What is your current role?” – again, ‘BA’ was all I could fit so I sure hope it means the same to them as it does to me or I might have no chance of proving relevant experience! GRRRR]

New Zealanders living overseas can also be counted – the KEA website is running a survey called Everyone Counts.


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