The urban family

In my reading on being childless there are always anecdotes from those on the other side of the fence professing that those without children will be alone in their later years because they will have no family to form that fundemental support network. Right now, I believe we will get that support from our urban family, the support network that we already have in place with our friends that I believe will not go away in the coming years whether or not these friends have children. Our urban family is much like our own family – a set of friends who feel comfortable coming over when they want me to make a coffee, or hanging around on our couch watching TV or dozing, friends who you can rely on for a lift or a companion at the movies, friends who you make lunch for to show your concern, friends that you can be with without having to say anything, and even friends that you ignore if they phone during your favourite TV programme. Just like family.


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