Office smells

Working in an office building above a food court means that lots of people go downstairs to get curry for lunch and bring it back to their desks. Gross. It stinks. I take my orange into the kitchen to peel it and eat it in there to stop the smell being around desks … do unto others and all that. It’s not working.

Oh, and when I’m in the kitchen I always have a little rant inside my head about what the world is coming to when there are big laminated signs all over everything warning about potential dangers that any person with 2 brain cells should know for themselves …

  • Be careful: contents are hot – the Zip

  • Careful: this gets hot – toasted sandwich maker

  • Be alert: things might fall on your head – head-height shelves containing cereal, sugar, crackers, roll of handee towels

Oh oh, perhaps I could put a sign up in the office

  • Did you know: curry smells!


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