Monty Log Day 5

Highlights / cute things on Day 5:

  • Having almost a whole day at home with him – I didn’t work this Sunday for a change.
  • Monty loves laundry day! Hand washing was particularly fascinating – he got soaked – and then ran all over the bed attacking a peg leaving a trail of wet footprints. Ironing also caused a lot of excitement – I had to rig up a distraction device using a piece of ribbon and a peg hanging off the cupboard handle. Worked a treat – he spent a while jumping vertically up the cupboard door to get to the peg.
  • Monty loves the coffee machine. It’s become his morning ritual to sit with it after it first starts up because it makes all sorts of gurgling and fizzing noises. He’s not allowed on the bench but when he gets bored of watching one or other of us in the bathroom, that’s where he goes.
  • He’s learning to calm down at about 8.30 at night and comes for big sleeps on the couch with us – dreaming and twitching and snoring. So cute! And every morning when we wake up he comes up from the bottom of the bed for a pat and purr.

Naughty things on Day 5:

  • Mister has a nasty scratch after Monty was ‘helping’ him take the sheets off the bed on laundry day.
  • The very very high window above the stairs has become interesting and it gives us a heart attack every time he goes up there.

Favourite toy on Day 5:

  • His new ribbon and peg ironing distraction toy.
  • A bottle cap or bell in an empty tissue box (thanks Danielle!).




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