Monty Log Day 6

Highlights / cute things on Day 6:

  • When you get home from work he’s peeks his sleepy head around the top of the stairs and after you say hello (in cat voice obviously) he bolts down the stairs for a big smooch and cuddle … and a fossick/chew of my handbag!
  • While we ate dinner he went off downstairs and amused himself with the bucket and a bottle cap in the bath for about an hour. Man it was noisy! Luckily he didn’t start that game up in the night!
  • Quote of the babysitting job so far has to be from the Mister this morning … “I don’t like doing the litter box. I don’t think I can do it any more.” … Huh? I mean who does like doing it? And that was only after he did it for the first time. And it put him off his toast.
  • Monty’s brilliant at carrying things around in his mouth – he has been ferrying pegs upstairs since the weekend, and we can never find his bottle cap, and last night to stop him jumping on the bench while I was cooking I tried the age-old art of distraction and gave him a dried penne to play with which he carted off and it hasn’t been seen since!

Naughty things on Day 6:

  • The barricade we made out of 3 year’s worth of Cuisine magazines to stop him going out onto our high window sill over the stairs only made it easier for him to get the height he needed to jump up above the fridge. Up to where halogen lamps hang precariously off electrical wire – no way we wanted to see how that would end up!
  • We now have no pot plants on display – they’re either in the cupboard under the stairs or in the pantry. They’ll probably be all yellow and limp by the time Monty goes home – perhaps nursing them back to life will be a distraction from missing him 🙁

Favourite toy on Day 6:

  • Still keen on the ribbon or bottle cap in the tissue box.

  • Peg behind the curtain.



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