Monty Log Day 8

Highlights / cute things on Day 8:

  • Monty’s been with us a week now and he’s quite different from a week ago. Last night he ran down the stairs to greet me when I got home late from work, had a little cuddle at the bottom of the stairs, had a mental with his tail on the bed while I got changed, raced me up the stairs, sat in front of the heater while we ate dinner and watched the final of Prison Break (from our downloads), slept so deeply on my knee after tea to the point his head lolled right off the side of my leg, attacked the clothes as I got them off the clothes horse to put them away, played with water in the sink while we brushed our teeth, snoozed on the end of the bed while we read our books, went off to play in the bath when we turned the lights out, came back and slept on the bed most of the night and came up for his morning cuddle as soon as I lifted my head off the pillow this morning to see where he was.
  • Funny how the choice of clothes in the morning is dictated by the cat! My favourite brown suit jacket with a back tie was a risky choice this morning … those dangly bits put me in a lot of danger! Also my white shirt had a big claw hole on the front – one of the victims from the ironing chore on Sunday before I rigged up his ironing distraction device!
  • He’s getting very smart re his little milk treat in the morning – today there was a very close call when he leapt off his viewing platform and came mere millimetres from licking the nang off the top directly out of the jug before he was swiftly grabbed!
  • The camera battery has gone flat after a week – last time we chewed through battery like that was when we were in Europe!!! We’ve taken 100 photos to document his stay with us for his owners.

Naughty things on Day 8:

  • What is it with the roof that he just has to get up as high as possible? We took away the barricade made of 3 year’s worth of Cuisine magazines but he’s become brave enough to make the huge leap unassisted.

Favourite toy on Day 8:

  • Bottle cap and twistie tie.


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