Monty Log Day 9

Highlights / cute things on Day 9:

  • From his viewing platform Monty watched the entire dinner being prepared last night and I could see himself straining to hold back from jumping into the big white dish where cherry tomatoes were rolling around and taunting him!
  • I was greatly inconvenienced last night trying to pack the dishwasher with Monty clambering around in it and standing on the door of it – but I was doing really well until I put the oven dish in that still had a bit of water in the bottom of it. He wore it. All down his side. He jumped off and stood looking at me, rather bemused and dejected with his fur on one side all clotted and sopping – I was so close to tears for upsetting him and when he wouldn’t let me dry him with the tea towel I felt even more guilty! So I let him chase me up and down the stairs a couple of times until I had to lie down and have a wee rest.
  • Monty displayed his cat-like ability to climb and balance this morning when he climbed up the clothes horse like a ladder – very clever, very cute but oh God, now more of my clothes have got claw holes in them!

Naughty things on Day 9:

  • Got home last night to find one of my decorative orange soaps from the guest bathroom on the bedroom floor by the window … what the …?
  • Words were uttered at 12.37am that I thought I would never hear from the Mister “I’m going to shut him out” … thankfully the Mister is not very good at waking up in the middle of the night so promptly fell back to sleep despite the ruckus on the bed and never shut him out. Monty had brought a couple of his bath toys (bottle cap and piece of cardboard) up onto the bed and was doing his trick of flicking them around with his nose or paws and stalking and attacking them. In the end it was me that had to get up and throw his toys back into the bath where  he stayed and played with them – probably because they make more noise in there but really, at that hour of the night, the noise was easier to sleep through than the jiggling bed. Oh, and it was me that had to pick up all the little bits of shredded cardboard from the bed and floor this morning!

Favourite toy on day 9:

  • Bottle cap.



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