Monty Log Day 10

Highlights / cute things on Day 10:

  • He slept squashed half on my knee half on my knitting (which I gave up after one constantly disrupted row … I should’ve known not to even attempt it) for almost 2 hours while we watched a movie last night.
  • Our friend who’s fearless when it comes to ‘harmless kittens’ came over again last night and played pull-the-cat’s-tail, “the claw”, chase-my-fingers, chew-my-arm games and tired him out so we could get a full night’s sleep.
  • He’s just so adorable with running water – very occasionaly he swipes at it with his paw otherwise stares at the stream unflinching.

Naughty things on Day 10:

  • He doesn’t know the difference between weekdays and weekend days – as is his routine – 10 to 6am this morning – he came up the bed between us for his morning pat and loud purr. And who can resist his charms …
  • Had a bit of a stock take of ‘damage’ around the house 10 days in … the duvet is wrecked – apart from cat hair all over it (easy to fix) there are claw holes and thread pulls in it; the white shelf stop has a couple of decent knicks out of it as well as a big patch of paw prints from gripping on when jumping up or down; the bedroom light switch has a scratch on it; the side of the big TV has a scratch on it; the laundry hamper is coming unravelled in several places; at least a dozen pegs are missing … and we don’t hold any of this against him, he’s just so adorable.

Favourite toy on Day 10:

  • Whatever is in the bath – counted up his latest haul – 2 pegs, a bottle cap, a twistie tie and a bit of folded up cardboard that was once our door stop.



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