Monty Log Day 11

Highlights / cute things on Day 11:

  • Got to spend a sunny Saturday with Monty – our weekend plans have revolved entirely around him to the point that we nearly refused a dinner invitation so as to not leave him alone in the evening.
  • He’s started up a new stalking/chasing game on the ledge above the stairs – he runs like a big ferocious leopard with his paws splayed wide – so cute!
  • He lay asleep in a sunny patch on the floor for a decent part of the afternoon – he certainly seems content here now.
  • We *did* end up going out for dinner but raced to be home by 8.30! Monty didn’t greet us at the door – he was very sleepily stretching in his little cat bed by the heater when we got upstairs and was thankfully still tired enough to have a big dream-filled sleep on my knee.

Favourite toy on Day 11:

  • He gets whatever is in his tissue box out so quickly now – the Mister is getting sick of putting it back in so tied it onto the inside of the box – kept poor Monty guessing for a while until he got so frustrated with it that he just chewed the box up!



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