Monty Log Day 12

Highlights / cute things on Day 12:

  • Monty’s very good with breakfast in bed – he doesn’t try to clamber all over the tray or lick the coffee or beg for a crust – just amuses himself unravelling the laundry hamper.
  • Washing day again and the handwashing was just as fascinating this week as it was last – although now that the bath is his domain he wasn’t going to give it up when I tipped the bucket of water out. He was trying to back up the side of the bath to get away from the river of water and bubbles approaching, but was slipping and eventually ended up in the most hilarious position clutching onto the bath tap with his front legs with his bag legs spread wide trying desperately to get a grip on the sides of the bath. All the while his tail was dangling in the water and when he finally lost his grip most of the water had gone down the plug hole. I was laughing and crying and fairly wet myself by this stage and couldn’t get to the camera fast enough. So a bedraggled wet puss clambered out of the bath shaking his paws and sat down to recover when he spotted what he thought should’ve been his tail, but clearly wasn’t as it was a skinny sleek black snake looking thing (i.e. a sodden cat’s tail) that needed to be chased and attacked and chewed!

Scary thing on Day 12:

  • Earthquake. 5.9 100km deep near Murchison – we felt it for quite a while here. I knew he would be scared and he was under the bed with his tail bushed up but came out for a little reassuring pat before going to help the Mister wash his hands.

Favourite toy on Day 12:

  • He’s lost his bottle cap that he arrived with but I found another one in the car so gave that to him to play with. He was so excited he practically ran up my leg when he reaslised what I was holding. He has invented a game for himself that is just so gorgeous and clever – he bats the bottle cap all over the lounge then gets it in his mouth and brings it back to the tissue box, drops it in, terrorises the box trying to get it out, succeeds, bats it all over the lounge then gets it in his mouth and brings it back to the tissue box, drops it in, and away we go again! Isn’t he clever?



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