Spam rant

How many friggin’ MySpace people want to be my friend? I am getting more and more frustrated with the amount of spam I am getting. I have been a customer for 9 years and *never* have I received more that a couple of random spams a month up until about 6 weeks ago. Now I get at least 20 a day, and usually half of them are from – grrrrr.

For their very valued customers 😐

Spam and Virus Information Spam and Virus protection is an email security solution that offers world-class spam and virus filtering. It is designed for, and deployed within some of the largest ISP’s in the world. The solution provides a high-performance, low-maintenance and extremely effective virus and spam protection for you, your email and your computer-based applications. From September 8th ALL users get 24/7 spam and virus protection for their mailbox FREE.

Whatever! It’s probably since September 8th that my troubles have started.

I’ve already moved my web content off Paradise, do I now have to move my email as well?


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