It’s the oxy action

Lemme at him! The guy who knocks at women’s doors to be invited in with his pink tub of NapiSan to show off the Oxy Action. Out comes the squeezy bottle of tomato sauce, red wine, oil, grass stain or other mysterious substance that you would never imagine could come out in the wash. “A bit of NapiSan OxyAction and into the wash” … “Oh my! I just can’t believe it! It really does work.” Yick, all those gushing women, all those clean clothes. UNTIL … we had to get a glass of red wine that flew at the Mister from across the table and left a very artistic spatter pattern all down the side of his pink shirt out … soaked it over night in the maaaaagical NapiSan OxyAction and not a spot! Nothing. Oh my! I just can’t believe it. It really does work!

Product plug over.

The reason we had red wine at the table on a Monday night was that we had a little spur-of-the-moment dinner party. Our American colleague (”Jiff” we apparently call him) is entertaining his family out from Chicago at the moment and we thought it would be nice to have them over for home-cooked Kiwi tucker. It went down well. People had seconds. And thirds … and fourths …

Rosemary & garlic coated lamb fillet
Warm kumara salad with lemon feta dressing
Green beans drenched in butter

Mini pavlovas with vanilla marscarpone cream and kiwifruit


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