Party party

Went to the Mister’s niece’s 7th birthday party at the weekend. It was very like the birthday parties I had at that age except that the roller-skating and -blading was not done on the driveway but at a local recreation centre and whilst there were cherrios and birthday cake there was also sushi and fruit – which the kids lapped up!

There was a very sad tone to the day though because someone in our extended family who has fought off cancer in the past has just had it confirmed that it’s back and it’s bad. No operative solution is possible. It’s just so goddam sad. I don’t really know the guy (except to see him at birthday parties), but I know his sister and I know what she’s feeling. Memories came flooding back to me, of everything I went through with L and my heart physically hurt. Emotions are strange – thoughts in your head which you don’t feel do very strange things to your body that you do feel.


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