Tears for cars

Even though I’m full of a cold and the Mister should have got chick flicks from the store in order to keep me resting on the couch, he came home with a documentary! Huh? However, I gave it a chance after the eye-opening experience I had with An Inconvenient Truth. This turned out to be just as interesting and at times heart wrenching.

Who Killed the Electric Car?

GM put money into the development of it in the mid-90’s and 10 years later destroyed them all (that bit made me cry – they crushed up the poor little things). Whether or not they were going to make any money out of it whether through perceived lack of demand or loss of sales to their own big gas guzzlers I don’t understand why they had to destroy them! People lined up for days in the rain outside the place where they were being stored, rallying for their release, but they still came and took them away in big trucks.

If you talk to the Mister you’ll get a far better economic, social, political and scientific commentary than that but it made me think and that’s pretty impressive.


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