Technology expectations

Went to a grown up dinner last night – I mean grown up as in at a friends’ house in their formal dining room with 12 people around the table. Very impressive. We all knew not quite everyone so as I’ve posted before, it was interesting to watch topic snippets be tested out as we learned the safe things to talk about and the things that would keep the group going without too many awkward silences. A group of 12 around the table is not quite big enough to fall into two separate conversations and big enough that you have to be brave enough to be heard when 12 people are involved in one conversation and all eyes and ears are on you.

Anyway, I digress, this ramble is to be about something I thought of when brushing my teeth before bed once the evening was over. Most people there were tech-savvy and some quite geeky (obviously the Mister being one) so one of the longer conversations was about Macs and PCs. The Mister’s new work machine is a Mac laptop – his first – and he’s a convert. Lots and lots of comments were made about all the cool things the Mac could do and from a programming/technology point of view there are some serious processing bits inside it.

And finally I get to my point … listening to conversations like this, and others recently about the i-Phone (including witnessing everyone at work drooling over one that came to the office for a visit) it struck me that I have grown up along side this technology so I actually feel pretty blaze about all these amazing and complex things that each new program or device offers. Actually, I expect it. When I was putting in my two cents about the Mac running Windows as a window on the Mac operating system desktop, some people around the table were undoubtedly thinking about the technological complexity of that where as I was thinking ‘so it should’. It seems so normal.

We often talk about our grandparents and the experiences they had when the world they lived in didn’t have cars, then did, and what an incredible life they had witnessing that evolution. I wonder if it’s the same for me or is technology now moving at such a great rate that when I am as old as a grandparent I will not be able to remember a few single great inventions rather the world just getting bigger, faster and more colourful? Maybe this is why I am constantly disappointed … everything is always just what you expect, never better (hmmm, perhaps too much of a glimpse into my psyche there!)


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