Mister Speaker

The Mister survived his first giving of a speech at a conference and is very proud of himself. I am too! It was for Microsoft Tech Ed – lots of geeks clambering to hear about software as a service (Saas). He and his co-presenter got lots of good questions and people came up to him afterwards (even at the airport) and said it was great.

I was so excited to see his presentation and name listed on the Tech Ed programme – so official! And he had a special speaker’s shirt, hat, gift, hotel room and pass to all areas … the hotel room was the most exciting in his mind!


I went to pick him up at the airport and there were lots of geeks getting off the plane proudly wearing the Tech Ed placards and backpacks. The Mister swaggered off looking very ‘yeah-but-I-was-a-*speaker*’ !


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