Bad online ordering experience

Thought it was about time I got some fabric labels to sew inside my knitting just in case the colour doesn’t give it away as being knitted by me. Found a good site (Australian though) and went through the very good design-your-label steps which gave me heaps of choices and freedom to create very cool white labels with orange text and icon.

Then I had to pay and it all went wrong.

To ship from Australia to New Zealand I was not only going to be charged a $5 postage and handling fee, but an additional whopping $120 ‘International Freight Surcharge’. Needless to say I cancelled out of that PDQ and wrote to the company stating the ludicrouscity (entirely made up but great word!) of it all.

I received a reasonably satisfactory response and suggestion:

Good morning to you.  Since you are in New Zealand, please deduct the extra $120 for “International Freight Surcharge”. We always include New Zealand as Australia. However it hasn’t been finalized onto our system yet.

I went back to the site not quite believing it was as simple as ‘deducting’ the surcharge, and sure enough, it wasn’t. Nowhere on the order summary or give-us-your-credit-card-details page is there any field or button capable of performing a deduction! 

I’ve placed an order with someone else.


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