Orange comments

The Mister has taken it upon himself to enable comments on my blog. Generally I’m against this – I’m not entirely sure I want my ramblings to be open to commenatry and conversation which is pretty hypocritical given that I have a blog! Also it seems that half the time comments on blogs become conversations between the blogger and their friends which would be more appropriately dealt with via email. However after my initial freak and frown at the Mister I thought back to the 3 times times in the last 2 years (god what a demand) that I’ve been asked to enable comments so I’ll keep them open for a few days.

For those of you (Mum & Dad) that don’t know what I’m talking about … at the end of each entry (post) you can click the link that says ‘Comments’ which will take you to a page where you can fill out a form with your comments on what I’ve written, which will be available for anyone else writing or viewing comments to see.

Also, for those of you who use (or even know!) what an RSS feeder is, you might want the global RSS feed (excuse me if I phrased that wrong but I am one of the people that doesn’t know what RSS and RSS feeders are):

Please don’t send it out or put it anywhere that means the whole world can get hold of it.


#1 Jeffrey on 10.18.07 at 8:12 pm

Thanks for the RSS feed 🙂 Commenting makes blogs fun too. I hope you like them.

#2 Jolene on 10.23.07 at 4:55 pm

YAY! Another orange blogger! (o: I’ve wanted to ask you for months if you sell your knit arm warmers (grey with orange stripes?) – it’s getting chilly in Chicago and I would rather buy them from you than from a store.


#3 OrangeGirl on 10.24.07 at 8:00 pm

Nice to meet you! And for those of you waiting with baited fingers to see what I would do with my first ever random ‘stranger’ post, we have been doing the getting to know you email dance. Will keep you posted 🙂

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