3 books on the go

Haven’t posted about my reading lately which I do have a *little* bit of time for out of work when I’m not glued to downloaded shows with my knitting.

Before we went away (and while we were away) I continued my way through another series in a similar vein to my Kay Scarpetta marathon. This time it’s Kathy Reichs and the Bones series. I’d already read a few before the Bones show started on they telly but I’ve gone back and started again. I’m just about to finish Cross Bones having read the first 7. Yikes – while on her website just now I saw that Kathy Reichs was in Wellington in September while we were away!

I also have loaded up on my iPod (much to the Mister’s disgust) a talking book. I’ve listened to one in the car before when travelling a long distance on my own and thought I might listen to one on the plane recently but never got around to it. Can’t waste it though so am trying to find every chance I get to sit in the sun in manner of the French on a weekend afternoon and listen to it – ha! Have managed a couple of walks in the last 2 weeks and have got through 4 chapters.

And just this morning I finished The Time Traveler’s Wife. I just read it in the middle of the latest Bones book in probably record time. I borrowed it from my friend in Switzerland and took it to Blenheim over Labour Weekend – started in on Sunday morning and finished it this morning. Haven’t had much sleep as a result! Great book. Couldn’t put it down. Can’t say why it was especially good except that it was a totally different concept in story for me. The book was about a time-travelling guy who visited his future wife when she was growing up and then throughout their lives together. Took me a while to get used to the style and to figure out how old he was in the present but once I had it I was continually waiting to see what happened next.

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#1 Jolene on 10.25.07 at 7:50 pm

I liked The Time Traveler’s Wife in that it was set in Chicago. The characters lived about 4 blocks from us! Other than that, I wasn’t too keen on the book. I was rooting for Gomez! (o;

I don’t know what I’d do without podcasts and talking books during my commute. I barely notice people cutting me off while I drive anymore.

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