Long awaited ponchoes

(Is that how you spell more than one poncho?) … anyway they’re done! They look a bit on the small side – however they’re the 2-year old size and the twins are only just 18 months … I’m sure they’ll get a couple of wears out of them anyway.

And Jiff, just for you, as you love wikipedia so much, check out their definition of poncho … he tried to tell me it was a shape … mind you our mumbling Kiwi Englisih means he could have heard anything when I first said “poncho”.

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#1 Jeffrey on 11.01.07 at 9:28 pm

Ha! In the first sentence it says, "A poncho is a simple garment designed to keep the body … dry during rain." That’s what I thought 🙂 (nevermind mind the parts of the sentence I have discernibly omitted)

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