Mac fan girl

I’m sure there are allowed to be Mac fan girls just like the Mac fan boys’ club … not that I’m a convert, own one or am using one right now … BUT. I am on my mouseless, powerless Sony right now and I have to say, based on my limited use of the Mister’s Mac what I am missing currently is the little thingy that says how much life the battery has left in hours and minutes (I mean how does 53% help me? Seriously! About half the amount of battery that I had when I started? When was that? 20 mins ago? 30? 10?) and 2-fingered scrolling (it’s bleeping 2-HANDED scrolling on this machine!)

P.S…10 seconds later …

AND the built in app-regardless spell chekr


#1 The Mister on 11.30.07 at 5:15 am

We have a convert!!!!

#2 Orange Girl on 11.30.07 at 5:19 am

(8) All I want for Christmas is a … (8) (44%)

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