Shouting at the computer

I don’t talk to my computer. I don’t shout at it like some people do. Yes I get frustrated with it, but generally am reasonably patient despite its occasional random behaviour.

However, there is ONE situation where I do hiss at it under my breath. It’s when I get what has got to be the single most annoying error message.

“No I did NOT forget my $*%@#^ password! It’s first thing in the morning, I haven’t put my bag down so when in my haste to start my working day I reached down to type my password it swung around and bumped my elbow which caused me to blur one key into another when typing my password, so NO I didn’t forget it!!!”

Perhaps all the other messages are less friendly, “All data will be lost” kinda thing, which I’ve got used to, so this attempt to be my pal when I haven’t even logged in just gets right up my nose!

Maybe I’m just not a morning person …


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