Peanut butter goodness

This time it’s not me that’s been cheffing but my Orange Friend in Chicago – as a thank you for my knitting her arm warmers she sent over an orange care packaged that arrived to work today. A fab orange bag and luggage tag and some amazing baking made from peanut butter cups. Obviously had to find out what they were! Orange packet so must be good!

Not being a chocolate fan I nibbled tentatively to start with but OMMIGOD they are GOOOOOD – *very* rich for a delicate NZ’er’s palette but what a peanut butter delicacy they are! Actually the chocolate just adds a sweetness rather than tasting like chocolate so I ended up having far more than a nibble.

So thank you Orange Friend! What a lot of trouble you went to – your package was such a lovely surprise. And I’m glad customs didn’t have a rumage and confiscate anything!

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#1 Jolene on 12.13.07 at 11:50 pm

I’m glad you got your package, and that customs didn’t snag the Temptations! I didn’t even THINK of customs taking away your treats!


Thank you AGAIN for the armwarmers – I love them! Especially the orange band at the top. (o:

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