All I want for Christmas is …

… the Nikau Gallery Cafe’s date scone recipe … after 3 and a half years of eating them I think it’s about time … 🙂


#1 Short Dark Friend on 12.15.07 at 8:53 am

Can I put my order in when you get it!

#2 the snitch on 12.15.07 at 9:05 am

here is the closely guarded secret recipe that you + mister managed to beat out of me…
2 C white flour
1 C wholemeal flour
3 heaped tsp baking powder
1 tbsp sugar
60 gm butter
250 gm dates
1 egg
1 cup milk

Mix together the flours, baking powder and sugar.
Rub in the butter.
add the cut up dates, squashing some into the flour.
mix the egg and milk together.
add to the dry ingredients, stirring in with a blunt knife.
tip out onto a bench and knead lightly.
fold over and pat flat again a couple of times.
cut into 16 squares or triangles.
place on a baking tray, brush with milk and bake at 200 degrees C for about 15 minutes.

#3 Orange Girl on 12.15.07 at 10:20 am

Ohhhhhhhh WOW – thank you thank you thank you!!! I’ll still be by for one of yours tomorrow though and I’m bringing some of my own Christmas baking in for you all 🙂

#4 The Mister on 12.15.07 at 10:22 am

I can’t believe it’s that simple!! We’ve tried all sorts of different things to get it working – I guess simple is good!

Thank you very much – as you can imagine she’s very excited – if we had enough dates I’m sure she’d be in the kitchen right now baking!

#5 Mum, Awakeri, Whakatane, Bay of Plenty on 12.18.07 at 8:26 am

What about the melted golden syrup version, the cinnamon only version, the mixed spice and cinnamon version, the melted honey version, the brown sugar, nutmeg etc etc!! The wholemeal flour must be something special? Did you think he spat a dummy?

#6 Orange Girl on 12.18.07 at 8:41 am

Well, we did wonder when we realised that there was nothing particularly special about the recipe if he’d pulled a sneaky and given us the one from the Edmonds book, but no. We spoke to him later and he said that the baker had adapted it over the years so we might have to go back to all our experiments with the melted golden syrup, brown sugar, nutmeg etc. There were definitely a lot more dates than we’d used. And the egg – that didn’t seem typically scone.

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