Long awaited date scones

OK. Mister insisted I make the Nikau date scones last night. So even though I was tired from working all day and needed to finish my latest knitting project, I went out to the kitchen. Hmmm – I am not a natural scone-maker – I don’t know the fundamentals like how sticky the mixture should be, when to use flour or not, how long to knead, how big to cut, how long to cook, how to tell if they are cooked or not …

End result: NOTHING like the Nikau scones! They’re pale and taste of wholemeal flour. To the Mister’s credit he made a cup of tea and ate one up “mmmmmm …. they’re not like Nikau’s … but they’re good anyway … I like them.” Bless him! Have brought a few to my short dark friend who is also a date scone connoissuer so we’ll see how she gets on!


#1 Short Dark Friend on 12.16.07 at 7:28 pm

Yummmmmmmy… have just eaten one with loads of butter and cup of tea:-)

#2 Jolene on 12.17.07 at 12:12 am

They sure look tasty! Never underestimate the power of butter.

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