Christmas Eve in Washington

A gorgeous day in Washington on Christmas Eve meant we did lots of going out and enjoying the sun and mingling with the locals doing Christmas Eve things.

  • Wandered around the Jefferson monument in the morning.

  • Hung out at the mall – a real American mall, on Christmas Eve!

  • Went to the supermarket which was far more enjoyable than going in New Zealand on Christmas Eve – granted it was all new and exciting to us seeing all the different things you can get (and do … there was some kind of electric water bath thing in the wine section that you could chill shelved wine in to the required correct serving temperature in 3 – 7 minutes!). We were *very* impressed to see that Christmas wasn’t going to catch this store by surprise and at 5pm on Christmas Eve with a chocka store they were fully prepared with jam-packed shelves and fresh food and bread being pulled out of ovens and chillers to meet every demand. So we came home with all the makings for kumara (yes, there’s a kind of sweet potato (actually called large yams) that almost passes for kumara) salad with feta dressing, chilled Californian chardonnay AND a warm just-baked baguette!

  • Gave the parents a night off and cooked dinner, more Christmas mince pies and a baked cheesecake for Boxing Day.

  • After everyone went to bed we snuck out down the road and looked at the neighbourhood lights (brrrr chilly but now snow 🙁 ) and unpacked the gifts we’d brought over from family at home.

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