Knitting tracker

I need some kind of knittracker mobile app. I’ve always got a few knitting orders on the go and I usually find out verbally and then need to keep them on my person for that rare occasion when I’m out near Cuba St when the wool shop is open. So I’ve been keeping them on my phone.

I’d love to be able to keep them a bit better organised and formatted – it’s always the same information I need for each order: who it’s for, when they’re due, basic colour set (would usually always be orange but if it’s a Xero baby or a special order for someone to give someone else then I need to make a note of that), cardie, jumper, poncho, hat or whatever and what age the item should fit (having it fit the baby in the middle of summer is no good, will never get a photo for the blog!).

So, some kind of simple table would do it:

The current text editor on my phone with its 25-character wide screen is getting a little frustrating – my 6 current orders spans about 13 lines – looks something like this:

I can see it now … the KnitTrack2000 🙂


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