Orange biker

Must get back into the habit of taking pictures of random orange things I see out and about – that’s actually why I started my original website in the first place. So, here’s a guy I saw on a bike this morning.


#1 Claudette Wilkinson on 02.09.08 at 9:45 am

Hi Orange Girl,

I love your blog and check in every now and then to see what you’re up to. I first came across the blog when searching for date scone recipes! I was so excited to see that you were based in Wellington because I am from the Hutt (although, here in Australia, I say I’m from Wellington because, let’s face it, who has heard of the Hutt?!)

Today I had to comment (or at least reply) to your picture of the Orange Biker. I am an avid Tour de France follower and wondered if you knew that he is wearing the uniform of Basque cycling team Euskaltel-Euskadi. I feel it my duty to inform you that, should you wish to become a TdF tragic, it is imperative that you support this team as their legion of fans are formally known as ‘The Orange Tide’! Read about it here:

Kind regards,

#2 Orange Girl on 02.09.08 at 8:55 pm

Hi! Nice to meet another reader – it’s amazing where my blog ends up! It took a lot of cajoling to get that date scone recipe and when I made them they tasted nothing like the ones in the cafe so hope you had better luck … if you tried them.

This biker I saw was just an orange flash I saw on the side of the road when walking to the bakery yesterday – have no idea why he was in that getup nor the great significance of it! I’ve not heard of the Orange Tide although am very glad to – now I see the picture of them on the site you sent I do recall seeing them on a news item on TV once.

Glad you like my blog – if you’ve read earlier posts you’ll know I was quite nervous about making it public but have had lots of positive feedback. Hope to hear from you again 🙂

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