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A while ago I came across this make-a-list website and I just took another look.

Streamofconsciousness first impressions:

  • Free 10-second sign-up but what about 10-second tell me what
    it is/does – although I guess I got as far as ‘make-a-list website’ although I think that was from a blurb from whatever referred me to it in the first place.
  • So, assuming I do end up with a webified To Do list, does it print?
  • How do I access it? Do I come back to this site and log in from
    any browser?
  • Can I read my list on my phone when I’m at the shops and can’t
    remember what I was going to get for so and so for Christmas? If not can I rely
    on 2. above?
  • How do you share the list? Should I choose a good name and
    password (or whatever it’s going to ask me when I sign up) to pass onto others
    or will they all have to get their own login etc?  And will they know what they’re being asked to do?
  • Obviously I’m going to have to click sign up to see if I can get my questions answered and I’ll be really annoyed if it’s one of those sites that you have to go to all the trouble of choosing an email login, username, password, security question etc etc only to find out that it’s something that doesn’t suit my needs that I then have to unsubscribe from (assuming it allows that) or suffer through years of email newsletters from it.

Tick tock

Nope, nothing much on the sign up
page … I’m obviously going to have to sign up to find all this stuff out …not going to happen.

I guess they’re assuming that people that want to use this
are web-savvy and can second-guess how this is all going to work.

Now you can see why I’m probably a good fit for my job – what better person to write help for software that someone who as a customer asks all these ‘stupid’ and curly questions themselves!

Oh, in case you want to use it: http://tadalist.com/


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