Fritter stack

Orange Kitchen last night saw the return to a recipe that I thought we would never EVER attempt again. For those of you who have heard the Mister’s tale of how he narrowly escaped a fish-slice-shaped scar on his face during a particularly difficult evening early on in the Orange Kitchen series whilst attempting to make a fritter stack look even vaguely like the picture in the book you’ll understand why we never thought we’d open to that page again. However, there was pumpkin in the house and given our new fritter method (i.e. I stay out of the kitchen during the cooking stage) and our years of experience since that unpleasant night, we tried it again.

And what amazing success! We also used the parmesan grater to grate the pumpkin rather than the ordinary 3 sided cheese grater so the pumpkin was nice and fine and absorbent and cooked through which made a difference.

Pumpkin, corn and feta fritters

And I’m pleased to report that the Mister said that the fritters were very temperamental and extremely difficult to flip and he understands how someone (like me) could resort to throwing utensils…


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