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Orange Kitchen last night involved a first-time attempt at the full 3-course meal that we saw being made and sampled at the Caffe Italiano cooking class we went to a few weeks ago AND the extra nerve-wracking ingredient … guests! We felt it was only fitting to cook the feast for those who generously arranged out attendance at the course and broke out no first-time rule with guests. We’d made the rolled aubergine before for ourselves but neither of the other courses, and the pasta course couldn’t be made or partially made in advance so our team work was truly on show!

I was very suspicious of the pasta course as it involved taleggio which I’d since discovered *is* in the blue cheese family and I HATE blue cheese, YUCK. However, having eaten this dish at the cafe I knew it was possible to actually enjoy it – but gawd – cutting and cooking the cheese was a tad unpleasant. I felt bad for our guests that I kept running to the door to breathe the rainy freezing air and shouting “poooooh …. gross….the STINK” and flapping a tea towel around in the kitchen but that and juggling 2 pans to make a vegie version was well worth it. It was deLICious! Really really good. And not pongy or awful tasting at all. I think the big handful of rocket and the lavish drop of wine helped too.

The dessert was pretty amazing too. We had to do the tri-suburb shop yesterday (if we were with our friends in Switzerland it’d be the tri-country shop!) going to Moore Wilsons, Mediterranean Food Warehouse and La Bella Italia to get everything down to the splash of Limoncello that was required for Aunty Rita’s secret dolce … so secret that we were not allowed to write out the recipe and it was at the hands of the God’s if we attempted to reproduce it and if so, whether it would taste as wonderful as what we’d had when the Massimo’s made if for us. Plus we had to divide what we saw them using to make 36 desserts by whatever-it-is that gets you 4 deserts. But it worked and we were very pleased with our version of it. YUM.

So, the menu:

Involtini di Melanzane
(you’ve seen the picture before)

Orecchiette allo speck e taleggio

Aunty Rita’s Secret Lemon & Pandoro Trifle 


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