Kumara and pastry goodness

Conversation at Nikau today turned as it usually does to dinner … what’s in the fridge and pantry, what do you feel like, what time will be home? … ahhh, bacon, basil, kumara … silly me for saying “how about pastry cases filled with pesto and kumara bacon mash?

Another experiment – it worked and it tasted GOOOOD!

Earlier on today I also attempted an Edmond’s oldie but goodie that Mum used to make when we were kids – Louise cake. The base was all crumbly and we didn’t have any raspberry jam (but seeing as I’ve watched the Mister make jam a few years now I boiled up some frozen raspberries and sugar) and YUM – messy to eat but tastes wonderful.

The Mister is now v e r y   f u l l.


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