Unballed wool

Hmmmm, had a krypton factor moment trying to figure out how to get into the ‘ball’ of wool for the matinee jacket I’m just starting. It’s a natural merino wool and is not in the standard 50g balls but rather one of those long twisted knots. I’m sure they’ve got a proper name … When I got it untwisted I realised that it was just wool straight off the loom in one constant rolled strand – how to keep that from getting tangled while knitting?

Have decided to hang it over the arm of the couch – but believe me I’ll tire of that because it’ll be there for ages and look messy and be another thing to tidy up at housework time.

I do remember Nana dealing with this style of wool but can’t remember if she had a contraption or whether you’re supposed to roll it off into smaller balls yourself.

Oh! Just found the name – skein – straight off the reel.


#1 jeffrey on 07.02.08 at 10:19 am

you should have the mister hold it while you roll some balls!!

#2 jeffrey on 07.02.08 at 10:20 am

published that one too quickly didn’t I? I meant it in a very innocent way

#3 Orange Girl on 07.02.08 at 10:25 am

OK. I believe you.

#4 penny on 07.03.08 at 7:58 am

You turn a chair upside down and put the wool round the legs then you roll the wool up into balls.

#5 Orange Girl on 07.03.08 at 8:36 am

Thanks! Sounds like a brilliant solution – I knitted it off the arm of the couch for a couple of hours last night and it’s starting to get a bit tangled.

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