He’s back!

Happiness is having someone to open the garage door!

Over the last few days on my own I realised all the things the Mister does in our day to day lives. I mean I already knew this but it’s a fairly impressive list and makes me look positively kept!

In his absence I’ve had to:

  • Keep warm – the apartment seems really cold without him
  • Put rubbish out
  • Pay cafe bills
  • Make my own breakfast and lunch
  • Carry my laptop to work
  • Shut the garage door
  • Do all the dishes
  • Push only those buttons I know on the one remote I’m familiar with
  • Use phone alarm cos don’t know how clock works
  • Go to the supermarket – I now realise why there’s all the stuff in the papers about groceries being more expensive – have to say I had no idea how much a loaf of bread is now!

However, on the plus side I did get a bit of time to myself, so I:

  • Made peanut brownies (he says he doesn’t like them, but we’ll see)
  • Cleaned the oven (ashamed to say, first time in the 3+ years we’ve live here and it’s NOT a good idea to leave it that long!)
  • Labelled photos in 2 albums
  • Cleaned out the filing box
  • Washed the pantry shelves


#1 Moggie on 07.28.08 at 10:00 pm

Cute 🙂

You also need to add "blogged like a fiend" to your list.

#2 Orange Girl on 07.28.08 at 10:31 pm

Because my blog is my friend! Was actually part of a discussion the other night about why people blog – and seeing as I have no political or business agenda to mine, I decided that I have one as a friend.

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