Xero knitting # 6

Finished the 6th Xero knitting and it’s winging it’s way airmail to London for a new Xero lad. His older brother got the first ever Xero knitting back when the brand colours were teal and pink.


#1 jeffrey on 08.23.08 at 7:35 am

that looks nice! finally washed my scarf today with your magic soap and it was so dirty!! must buy myself a little bottle so I can wash it more often… thanx heaps for the soap!

#2 Orange Girl on 08.23.08 at 10:33 pm

Jiff! I hope you didn’t use the whole little jar I gave you – it might’ve been small but that eco-friendly stuff should’ve lasted you at least 3 washes! Oh well, the scarf will smell all fresh now and hopefully doesn’t foam up with bubbles next time you wear it in the rain!

#3 jeffrey on 08.24.08 at 12:33 am

foam up with bubbles in the rain?? oh noo! I used about half I didn’t realize when pouring the detergent it would come out so quickly

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