Rocket’s got a sore paw!

Poor car, in the garage looking all injured with a dicky space-saver tyre on the front passenger side. Went down to the garage this morning to take it in for it’s service and warrant and the tyre was completely flat! God I’m lucky it didn’t happen on the journey in the torrential rain back from Raetihi last night. Delayed the service until tomorrow and depending on what’s happened with the tyre (couldn’t see any obvious nails or slashes) and the diagnosis on the others I reckon we’re about due for a big bill for 4 new ones. Mind you we’ve had about 4 years out of the ones currently on it – they’ve been great! Goodyear Eagle F1 performance tyres.

This is a dreadful picture off my phone but had to take it to show Father that the Mister does sometimes do manly things outside that are a bit grubby …

… he’s only wearing gloves because we’ve never needed to change a tyre before and wanted to experience the whole of the Germanly efficient tyre changing kit that comes with everything from, well, gloves, to a plastic sheet to kneel on and a little step-by-step row of stickers telling you what to do all packed into a handy polystyrene case with a little shaped mould for each tool and widget.


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