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Watched a video on the web yesterday of a panel of US companies in the accounting/personal finance space (god, that could almost be considered work, yikes it’s creeping into our Saturday lives) to see how closely competitive they are to Xero. The panel was discussing all sorts – their main points of difference, what they’re doing to earn their customers’ trust (it’s financial information they’re storing after all), where they see themselves going, what they think will happen in the world of business online vs business hand-to-hand in a more traditional sense. Interesting stuff. Aaaaanyway. In the mix, a couple of real knob words – as usual I suspected they were made up but turns out they’re not although these guys were not really using them in the dictionary-defined sense, so they did sound kind of wanky.


A device or appliance that is between the consumer and professional models.


The act of removing funds from savings banks and placing them into
short-term investments on which the interest-rate yields are higher.


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