Jam & fire

After a few days in Awakeri we’ve had to come home for a rest! As well as working and tending to Mother (post shoulder procedure) and making the batch of jam we did tonnes of stuff *outside* as well which is petty much unheard of for us. But Mother did need a walk …

We all headed out on Saturday morning and the Mister lit a fire and then he and Father proceeded to spend the morning collecting and throwing stuff onto it …

… and I helped once or twice (although this looks like some kind of farm yoga!)

The next morning after giving the fire a poke we filled in the time waiting for it to die down by walking to the top of the Bay of Plenty and down again…

… and replanting and weeding Mother’s patio pots …

… and exploring the garden to say hi to my clivia – which is now planted out in a real garden and about to have it’s SECOND flower since going to live up there mere months ago!!

Especially for Jiff (because during some random conversation I ended up educating him as to how lambs lost their tails) I went to the big scary shed and found some docking rings …

… and Dad showed me the tool that stretches them so they fit over the lamb’s tail and in the case of the boy lambs their ‘purse’ (apparently) as well.

On Sunday evening we put the Sunday roast for dinner in the oven then went to take a last look at the fire … by now the Mister was too exhausted to do anything but stand and watch.

And we finally got to see the stunning Mt Ruapehu for the first time this winter on the way home today … last rumour was there’d be skiing to January!


#1 jiff on 09.15.08 at 10:50 am

wow when I saw them before reading the text I thought "I wonder who gave her fruit loops" and so you know what I mean here’s a link to fruit loops (they’re a cereal, I think you can get them here as well)


#2 Orange Girl on 09.15.08 at 7:42 pm

Oh yes! I see what you mean. I’ve never seen/tasted fruit loops – I’m not a cereal person.

#3 Moggie on 09.16.08 at 6:42 am

I suspect they taste a lot like docking rings.

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